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Allergy Agents Mattress CleanerThe older the mattress, the more important it is to clean it regularly. Even new mattresses need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The cleaning of' mattresses is of special importance because that is the area of the home with the highest concentration of allergens. Removal of these allergens provides for a restful sleep, leaving our customers healthy and energized each and every morning. The duration of the cleaning process depends on how soiled the mattress is. Twenty minutes should be allowed per mattress for first time cleanings and for follow-up cleanings; ten minutes for monthly cleanings. The level of guanine containing mite excrement can be determined in a matter of seconds by means of the allergen test. The frequency of future cleanings depends on these results.

Allergen test filter -- before.Allergen test filter -- after.

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Our machine, by generating high frequency waves, loosens particles of dirt within the mattress, then pulverizes and eliminates them with a vacuum that can be adjusted to suit the type of mattress. Simultaneously, UVC rays are used to kill bacteria, viruses and spores. This method of chemical free disinfecting has already been proven in the medical field.

Finally, we spray the surface of the mattress with our Allergy Agents Mattress Cleaning Spray. This procedure kills the last of the bacteria, viruses and spores of fungus. Our spray is harmless to humans and animals and is based on alcohol and several natural ingredients.

Mold, mildew and other bacteria are killed when they come in contact with ultra violet light in the germicidal light range.  This treatment, in addition with the vacuuming service, ensures a "Hypoallergenic environment."


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