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Allergy Agents was co-founded for the sole purpose of providing the best possible “Hypo-allergenic” environment for our customers.  After seeing family and friends suffering from allergies, Ron and Steve put their 40+ years of combined medical and customer service experience into creating this company.  They have listened to the professionals about allergy prevention, studied the present cleaning techniques in light of allergy prevention, and searched the world for equipment and supplies to offer you this remarkable cleaning experience.  Ron and Steve have experimented with many different machines and supplies and tested the results with doctors and allergists to offer you this extraordinary cleaning experience which, until now, was only available in Europe.  Waking up for the first morning in years without a stuffy head was such a refreshing feeling, they wanted their customers to share the experience.

Allergy Agents offers state of the art cleaning equipment from around the world, designed to clean mattresses and carpets for those suffering from allergies.  Mattress cleaning involves vacuuming of the mattress, then treating with a germicidal UV light and concludes with an “anti-allergen” treatment to maximize the time between treatments.

Our carpet cleaning system is a TOTALLY dry process, with no wet or steam cleaning that dissolves stain treatments and leaves a damp environment for mold, mildew and bacteria to multiply, which can cause additional damage to the carpet backing and padding.

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