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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to have my mattress and carpet cleaned?

Mattresses and carpets contain many allergens, such as dust mites, pet dander, mold, etc. which have a harmful effect on people suffering from allergies.  Because people spend a large amount of time in their beds, mattresses have the highest concentration of dust mites.  Removal of the allergens provides for a restful sleep, leaving our customers energized and ready for the day ahead.

Are dust mites really harmful?

Here are some facts on dust mites

  • 90% of those suffering from allergies are allergic to dust mites.
  • House dust mite allergen exposure is much greater in bedding than elsewhere in the home.
  • Dust mites are the #2 cause of allergy problems (topped only by pollen).
  • Their food is primarily dead skin cells that come off the human body, so they are found in largest numbers in dust samples taken from mattress surfaces, bedding, upholstered furniture, and carpeting in the home.

I have allergies and use a mattress cover, do I still need to have my mattress cleaned?

Yes, we recommend cleaning your mattress prior to installing any type of cover in order to prevent a “greenhouse effect” of the allergens’ concentration. 

Do you clean pillows?

No. Given the current cost of pillows, it is not economical for us to clean pillows. We recommend that you simply purchase a new pillow. Please note that down pillows are the worst choice for people suffering from allergies. Down pillows trap and hold more allergens than other types of pillows.

Do you remove bed bugs?

Yes, our mattress cleaning process removes bed bugs as well as other allergens found in your mattress.

Is the carpet cleaning agent harmful to small children and pets?

No. Allergy Agents' dry cleaning solution cleans better and doesn't contain any hazardous chemicals that could harm your family or pets and is made almost entirely of organic and biodegradable compounds.

How often should I have my mattress and carpets cleaned?

Carpets and mattresses need regular cleaning and times between cleanings will vary depending on the level of contamination.  We suggest carpets and mattresses be cleaned at least every six months and more frequently if needed.  Through regular testing, Allergy Agents will be able to establish the proper intervals between cleanings for each of our customers.

Will the Allergy Agents cleaning system damage my mattress?

Allergy Agents cleaning system causes no damage to the material and, with very few exceptions, is suitable for almost all types of mattresses.

Can you remove all of my carpet stains?

No. We cannot completely remove any stains caused by an oil-based product.

Do you move furniture?

No. We do not move furniture. That responsibility falls on the customer and needs to be done prior to the arrival of our service technician.

Does your carpet cleaning remove my present carpets stain resistance?

No. Our products have certification and have no effect on stain resistance.

Will the Allergy Agents System void the warranty on my stain resistant carpeting?

The Allergy Agents System will not void the warranty on your stain resistant carpeting. Based on research, Allergy Agents meets or exceeds the cleaning guidelines established by manufacturers of stain resistant carpeting.


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